Winner of BAR 145's "BATTLE of the BANDS" 
Winning duet of 2014 "VOICE of OHIO"
Top 10 Ohio Idol 2012



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We could go on & on about the beginnings of each member of the F.E.W. but we believe you REALLY just wanna know how they got together right? AC! Yep, AC Collins met HAWC by simply accepting an invitation from the drummer sitting in on a gig with HAWC one night. AC asked if he could add some sax to the other 4 guys playing in the band.  After enjoying the enhancement, the 2 kindred spirits quickly embraced the idea that the pair was a better presentation until they could acquire new members to continue HAWC’s vision for The F.E.W. HAWC and AC took on several private events as the DYNAMIC DUO of the FEW as AC introduced HAWC to several potential drummers & guitar players during their year hosting open mic jams at a Jazz Venue. That’s when Andre Scott joined the mix, although Andre was already the main drummer for another band, he would fill in as often as he could. As the trio hammered out jam after jam they would occasionally alternate guitar players, but since their busy family demands & work lives only allowed for them to practice at the jams, the best fit without complaint was Greg Swann & Mark Jackson who both alternate on guitar depending on gig demands. Each member brings their own expertise with each performance, song idea or cover HAWC throws out there. Then HAWC programs the foundational pieces needed to cover click tracks and bass with some auxiliary keyboard enhancements, leaving the rest open for Andre to fill with drums, Greg or Mark to underlay guitar and occasional solo & vocal; AC would find sax riffs to emulate horn parts and occasional solos; as HAWC would rips occasional keytar solos, live keyboard padding. Finally overcoming his quiet nature, HAWC started delivering a lead vocal that many were shocked the band had even MORE to present aside from their audible gourmet buffet of sound. However that just wasn't enough to reach the climax they were looking for, so they added the phenominal vocals of PHOENIX (Jordan Clark) who was also one of the TOP 10 Ohio Idol finalists along with HAWC in 2012. Jordan/ Phoenix from Chillicothe brings more versatility to the band than most would expect at 1st glance. She juggles singing as often as she can with the F.E.W., solo, Conspiracy & duet with HAWC. ...but WAIT THERE's MORE - YES MORE! HAWC & the F.E.W. continued to surprise the various crowds by striving to be truly eclectic, catering their set list to whomever walks through the door to give them a listen, joinin those who are already on the dance floor. Many are warned before the gig, but still walk away in disbelief that such a BIG sound still comes from such a small crew even after theydownsized the band and changed the name. HAWC & the FEW became FEWXION keeping their drummer Andre Scott and alternating guitarists Mark Jackson & Gregg Swan. Lead by HAWC who fronted the original crew from his live & sequenced keyboard production to stepping out with his keytar and smoothed out flexible vocals only to be paired up with co-vocalist Jordan Clark who the band has dubbed as Phoenix. HAWC & PHOENIX met while they were both top 10 contestants in the 1st season of Ohio Idol. While they both established their own identity as recording & live soloists, they’ve joined forces to present a dynamic experience with the support from the remaining members of the FEW to become FEWXION!